<Nonferrous Metals Engineering> 


Founded in 1949, sponsored by China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association and BGRIMM Technology Group(hereinafter referred to as ’Mining and Metallurgy Group‘), published by the Information Research Center of Mining and Metallurgy Group, <Nonferrous Metals Engineering>(formerly known as <Nonferrous Metals>, ISSN 2095-1744, CN10-1004 TF) is an authoritative academic journal that is published both at home and abroad./that is openly circulated inside and outside China


The publication covers nonferrous metals (light, heavy, rare, expensive) materials, geology, mining, mineral processing, extractive metallurgy, environmental protection, etc., focusing on academic progress in nonferrous metals materials, intelligent mines, green mining and metallurgy, environmental protection, etc., especially focusing on hot spots such as non-ferrous materials.


The journal has a strong academic atmosphere and attaches importance to scientific frontier research. It is the core journal of Chinese Science Citation Database(CSCD),Chinese core journal criterion of PKU, The key magazine of China technology, USA <Chemical Abstracts Service> (CA), USA <Stephens Full-text Database> (EBSCOhost), <Japan's Quick Report on Scientific & Technological Literature>(CBST-JICST), <Japan Science and Technology Agency, Chinese Bibliographic Database>(JST), <China Core Journal Alternative Database><Chinese Journal Full—text Database>(CD), <WFData> (CHINAINFO), <VIP information> (VIP INFORMATION) and other authoritative database institutions at home and abroad.


<Nonferrous Metals Engineering> carries the purpose of <Nonferrous Metals>, pays attention to the latest technology development of nonferrous metals industry, builds a platform for the exchange of scientific and technological achievements in the industry, promotes technological innovation and independent innovation in the industry, and builds a resource-saving and environment-friendly harmonious society .


<Nonferrous Metals Engineering> has been issued and exchanged to 28 countries and regions, more than 1,000 units and academic organizations.


<Nonferrous Metals Engineering> is published both at home and abroad, It is bimonthly with16 mo(changed from 2019 to monthly periodical), postal code: 80-371 (domestic), Q352 (overseas).


Major domestic subscribers:


● Major libraries and college libraries across the country

● Major mines and mining companies across the country

● Major national environmental protection enterprises

● Nationally famous nonferrous design and research units

● National geological survey and design units

● Some foreign enterprises and transnational enterprises