Experimental study on strength of mixed cemented filling of super fine residue and rod milling sand
Received:March 23, 2017  Revised:April 03, 2017
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KeyWord:cemented filling; super fine particle leaching residue; rod milling sand; orthogonal experiment; hydration reaction; filling ratio parameter
SHI Xiu-zhi 中南大学 资源与安全工程学院
CHAO Zhong-wei 中南大学 资源与安全工程学院
YANG Chao 中南大学 资源与安全工程学院
ZHOU Jian 中南大学 资源与安全工程学院
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      In order to solve the discard problem of the super fine leaching residue in Fankou Lead Zinc Mine, explore what cement-sand ratio, ratio of leaching residue and rod milling sand, slurry concentration have affects on the strength of filling body. The orthogonal test design method was used to design the mixed cemented filling experiment of leaching resuide and rod milling sand, obtaine the important order of the influencing factors on the strength of the filling body, determine the best filling ratio parameters. Experimental results show that the important order of theinfluencing factors on strength of filling body was that slurry concentration > cement-and ratio> ratio of leaching residue and rod milling sand; when the cement-sand ratio was 1:4, ratio of leaching residue and rod milling sand was 1:6, slurry concentration is 77%, which was the best parameter of filling ratio. Analyzing the strengthSgrowingSrules of filling body under different conditions, which was that slurry concentration can improve the strength of filling body; in a certain range, the strength of filling body was increased with increasing the amount of leaching residue; the more fine particleStailings, the time longer of filling body hydration reaction; the growth process of the strength of the filling body was divided into early growth, a period of rapid growth and steady growth period.