Stability analysis and heightening engineering ofthe Dashahe tailings dam
Received:May 17, 2017  Revised:June 02, 2017
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KeyWord:tailings dam; stability analysis; safety factors; reinforcement measures; heightening and expansion
mabo 重庆大学 资源及环境科学学院
wang wensong 重庆大学 资源及环境科学学院
yang yonghao 重庆大学 资源及环境科学学院
Jing Xiaofei 重庆科技学院 安全工程学院
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      Taking the Dashahe tailings pond as engineering background, numerical simulation was used to inversion analysis infiltration lines of the present dam’s height and increased under different conditions, and corresponding reinforcement measures were carried out based on stability analysis of them. The research results indicate that the infiltration lines obtained by inversion analysis are consistent with the actual situation, which can be applied to stability analysis of tailings dam under different kinds of conditions. Among the safety factors of present dam’s height and increased under normal condition and flooding condition were all meet the specification requirements, except the special condition one, which all failure to meet the specification requirements. According to the actual situation of the scene, the reinforcement measures of horizontal drainage of dam body and rock posts slope were carried out to ensure that the safety factors under three conditions are all meet the specification requirements, which has been proved that the comprehensive strengthening measures are very effective.