Ore forming geological conditions and prospecting potential of Cu Zn polymetallic deposit in Lueyang, Shaanxi
Received:July 11, 2017  Revised:August 11, 2017
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KeyWord:Chen Ba area in Lueyang;Metallogenic geological condition;Prospecting prospect;Copper zinc polymetallic ore
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      The chenjiaba area of Lueyang county is located in the middle of polymetallic metallogenic belt in the middle seven Mian Lueyang Delta region Xujiaba - chenjiaba - ditch area faults, acidic volcano rocks are widely distributed, strong metamorphism, very close, has found a number of ancient volcano in polymetallic deposit the (point). On the basis of previous studies, based on the ore-forming geological conditions, geophysical and geochemical anomalies, mineralization enrichment regularity of the comprehensive analysis, combined with the prospecting practice carried out analysis and Prospect of mineralization in the region, select the chenjiaba in deep and Qin - red earth area down 2 key prospecting areas. It is considered that this area has the basic conditions for searching for large copper zinc polymetallic deposits.