Dissolution Process and Thermodynamic Calculation of Nb2O5 in Sulfuric Acid
Received:July 25, 2017  Revised:August 20, 2017
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KeyWord:Niobium pentoxide; mass flow; sulfuric acid dissolution; thermodynamics calculation
HE Qi 省部共建高品质特殊钢冶金与制备国家重点实验室
SUN Ying 省部共建高品质特殊钢冶金与制备国家重点实验室
LI Qiu-ju 省部共建高品质特殊钢冶金与制备国家重点实验室
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      According to the metallogenic analysis, niobium tantalum ore containing niobium ore phase is the main composition of niobium pentoxide phase. Therefore, the study of the dissolution of niobium pentoxide in acid is of great significance to improve the dissolution rate of niobium in niobium ore. The dissolution and reaction process of niobium pentoxide in sulfuric acid and the thermodynamic conditions of acid dissolution had been discussed in this paper. The dissolution process and final product of niobium pentoxide in sulfuric acid solution were determined by using XRF and XRD, combination of the matter conservation and balance principle and the mass flow of Nb and S in the whole experiment process, And the thermodynamic of the dissolution process and the possibility of dissolution were carried out with DSC. The Gibbs free energy of reaction of sulfuric acid dissolved niobium pentoxide was calculated according to the dissolution heat effect.