Low - Level Pollution Control Project in A Smelter
Received:August 03, 2017  Revised:August 17, 2017
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KeyWord:Low-level pollution; smelting; desulfurization; Acid mist removal; Fugitive Emission
YANG Zhizhong 湖南省环科院环境工程有限责任公司
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      A smelter is greatly troubled by the low-level pollution problem, which caused by the SO2 from the fluidized bed roaster, the acid mist from the acid leaching reaction tank and the fugitive emission from the casting powder. The Hunan provincial research academy of environment sciences & environmental engineering Co.,Ltd. Has been chosen to solve this pollution problem through the EPC mode. After the project is put into use, the workshop, the environment of workshop, plant area and peripheral areas have been greatly improved. This project also provides some reference and basis for the feasibility and technical scheme of the low-level pollution control in the smelting industry.