A CFD study of the flow field characteristics in XFG microflotation cell and XFD flotation cell
Received:September 11, 2017  Revised:September 19, 2017
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KeyWord:microflotation of pure minerals; XFG microflotation cell; XFD flotation cell; Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
LONG Si-si 安徽工业大学冶金工程学院
LI Zhen 安徽工业大学冶金工程学院
HU Zhi-cheng 安徽工业大学冶金工程大学
YANG Fan 安徽工业大学冶金工程学院
ZHU Yang-ge 北京矿冶研究总院
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      Microflotation of pure minerals is a basic procedure widely used in flotation research. However, as a model system of practical flotation, the results of microflotation have some limitations and it is unreasonable to apply them totally in practical flotation. The limitations come from the differences in samples between the two systems on one hand, on the other hand, they are also derived from the differences in flotation equipment. The latter one was investigated in this paper through a CFD study of the single-phase flow characteristics in XFG microflotation cell and XFD flotation cell. Hydrodynamic analysis indicated that the flow characteristics in XFD cell are more favorable than XFG cell to the reactions of flotation reagents with particles and the collisions and adhesions of particles with air bubbles. In the respective of function of flotation cell, XFG cell is inferior to XFD cell. It means that under the same flotation conditions the recovery obtained in XFG cell would probably be lower than it in XFD cell. Therefore, first, in the case of applying the results obtained in microflotation, the specific values of recovery make little sense and even sometimes are misleading. What is relative reliable to use is the trends they indicated. Second and more important, you should take cautious with the results of minerals which exhibited poor performance in microflotation.