Natural Degradation Characteristics of Mineral Processing Agents in Gannan Region
Received:September 17, 2017  Revised:September 30, 2017
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KeyWord:Beneficiation reagents; Natural degradation; photocatalytic degradation
zhangzhenfei 江西理工大学
zengting 江西理工大学
wangchunying 江西理工大学
luoxianping 江西理工大学
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      The residual beneficiation reagents from the mine wastewater are harmful to the aquatic organism, which could also result in the re-contamination of heavy metals in tailing impoundments. This research studied the degradation characteristics of several beneficiation reagents under natural sunlight and photocatalytic systems. As the result, butyl-xanthate was degraded easily by natrual light while dithiophosphate and GYB are refractory; pH values had different effects on different reagents; photocatalyst had very strong removal ability to all kinds of researched reagents, and could mineralize the N,P-containing reagents to NO3- and SO42-.