Study on detection and evaluation method of segregation degree of cemented filling slurry
Received:September 17, 2017  Revised:September 17, 2017
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KeyWord:Mine filling;Filling slurry;Segregation;Filling quality
XU Wenyuan 北京矿冶研究总院
YANG Xiaocong 北京矿冶研究总院
GUO Lijie 北京矿冶研究总院
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      In this paper, the cylinder model with diameter of 100mm and height of 300mm is used as the standard model. The filling samples are made with the ratio of 4,6,8,10 as the standard. The filling body are sampled at different parts of the sample after consolidation. The content of cement in the filling body was measured, and the degree of separation of the filling slurry was evaluated by comparing the difference between the sand and frost ratio and the designed sand and frost ratio. On the basis of the above test, this paper puts forward the evaluation degree (ε) of the evaluation scale of the filling slurry, and divides the mine packing slurry into five levels on the basis of a large amount of test data. The quantitative characterization method and index of the filling slurry are of great significance to the evaluation and management of the quality of mine filling.