Theoretical Calculation and Experimental Determination of Magnesium Slag Heat Capacity
Received:October 10, 2017  Revised:November 09, 2017
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KeyWord:Magnesium Slag;Heat Capacity;DSC; Determination
XU Xiang-bin 湖南化工职业技术学院
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      China has become the world’s largest producer of Magnesium.And the Magnesium smelting process will produce a large number of Magnesium slag.This paper firstly obtained the heat capacity of Magnesium slag is 0.754/(℃·g) by theoretical calculation.And by using the Differential Scanning Calorimetry(DSC),the thermal capacity data of Magnesium Slag from room temperature to 700℃ were measured by corundum as standard material.And the relationship between heat capacities and temperature from 25℃ to 700℃ were obtained by regression analysis.The expetimental results are basically in agreement with the therretical calculation values.