MSWI Fly ash-slag cementing system and cadmium solidification
Received:October 24, 2017  Revised:October 24, 2017
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KeyWord:mswi fly ash; Slag based cementitious system; filler; Immobilization of heavy metal
wangke 北京科技大学
niwen 北京科技大学
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      In this study, municipal solid waste incineration(MSWI) fly ash, slag and desulfurized gypsum were used to make cementing materials, mixed with the tailings to make high performance cementing filling material. Meanwhile, the cementing materials solidified the cadmium in the cementing filling material. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of high cadmium MSWI fly ash as part of the slag cementing material or even more which is expected to have a high fly ash component with high performance. The orthogonal test carried out a series of experiments of different gelled material ratio, optimum slurry concentration and optimum specific surface area of slag, evaluated by using the unconfined compressive strength, the leaching concentration of heavy metal ions. This study provides a solution to solve the problem of cadmium pollution in fly ash, and provides a theoretical reference for the long-term stability of the cadmium-bearing underground filling body.