The Decision Model of Ratio of Cemented Total Tailings Backfill under New Cemented Structure
Received:July 12, 2018  Revised:July 13, 2018
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KeyWord:new cementitious material; ratio of cemented total tailings backfill; tailing-cement ratio; stress-strain model; specific energy; energy matching; decision model of ratio
zhoukeping 中南大学 资源与安全工程学院
guzhongyuan 1.中南大学 资源与安全工程学院
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      The cement-tailings ratio of cemented total tailings backfill(CTB) is commonly determined by analogy with relative experience and comparison based on the common cement-tailings ratio. In order to got better cement-tailings ratio, lots of test blocks were obtained by using one new cementitious material, and the mechanical tests and the study were finished after that. Uniaxial compressive property tests of 6 sets of samples with different cement-tailings ratio were carried out. Besides, the non-linear strength models of CTB were established, according to the experimental mechanical parameters and the curves of stress-strain. Following that, the decision model of ratio of CTB was constructed, based on the relevance between the ratio of CTB and specific energy of backfill and the energy matching principle between backfill in the stope and the surrounding rock. It is proved by a case study that the decision model is closed related to the rock elastic modulus and the buried depth and that the decision model is identical to field application and objective law. The case study also suggests that the decision model could be used to guide the decision of ratio of CPB immediately for the advantage of concise and accuracy.