Effect of PREP process parameters on properties of AlSi10Mg aluminum alloy powder
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KeyWord:PREP; AlSi10Mg; process parameters; Powder Size
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      AlSi10Mg aluminum alloy powder was prepared by plasma rotating electrode atomization technique. The effects of electrode rod rotation speed, diameter, plasma arc current and atomization medium on powder properties were studied. The results show that the particle size decreases with the increase of the rotation speed and diameter of the electrode rod, and the particle size is normally distributed, mainly concentrated between 74-150 μm. As the current increases, the flake powder increases, and when the current is 360 A, the flaky powder Si and Mg elements are ablated severely. Increasing the proportion of helium in the atomizing medium increases the cooling rate of the powder and slightly refines the particle size of the powder. It was found by powder SEM morphology that the surface of the powder was a well-developed petal-like cell structure. Later, the proportion of helium gas could be increased to accelerate the cooling rate of the powder, and a spherical powder with a smoother surface was obtained.